What we do

Content Marketing

Mediterium is a company specialized in content marketing and advertising via publications in specialized sites with a targeted audience. Our partnership with one of the most innovative software companies and our experience in Seo optimization make us the best choice for you. The numbers speak for themselves.

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Brand Indentity

Improving the visibility of your brand and its recognition potential towards customers helps in their decision to purchase and increases demand in Google, which is a positive sign.

Quality Backlinks

Qualitative links still are and will remain a factor in the ranking of your site. Content marketing is the best way of getting targeted links without them carrying a risk for your site.

SEO Optimization

Still more important for a website is the quality of the information it contains, and not the amount of text in it. If you are not competitive enough or do not offer any quality no optimizer in the world will be able to help you.

Social signals

Social signals are the first sign for Google, that something interesting is going on around you. Correct positioning is a key factor.

Organic Search

SEO optimization, same as content marketing has many directions. All roads are strictly individual. There isn’t a website that can be called "ready". There is always a need for proper analysis and choices to make, together with your developers. We can show you the right path.

On-Page SEO

This is a vast subject which can include both the quality and speed of your website, and all techniques needed in order to retain it’s consumers. All in all - anything that affects the better behavioral patterns.

Seo analysis

SEO analysis can include a detailed report of the status of your website, as well as analysis of your competition. It is important to know who you’re going against.

Cloud services

We can offer you solutions for CND, Server Optimization, Security, DDos Protection, DNS services, SSL Certificates.

Social Media

Social networking is the easiest way to get people to talk about you. Social networks are an indispensable part of content marketing. Social signals are a key factor, when it comes to optimizing your website.

Social Traffic

Social traffic can be extremely cheap and effective, as well as incredibly expensive. It takes many tests in order to find the right audience.

Social Buyers

Content marketing in social networks influences not only the decisions of your customers, but also the ones of their friends.

Social Analysis

The right audience can revive your webpage, while the wrong one can kill it.