What we do?

Mediterium is your assistant in the correct link-building strategy that combines the power of links from popular websites with properly presented information to millions of readers.

We can build the overall strategy and prepare all publications. Contact us for more information on prices and packages.

Mediterium is a company specialized in content marketing and advertising via publications in specialized sites with a targeted audience. Our partnership with one of the most innovative software companies and our experience in Seo optimization make us the best choice for you. The numbers speak for themselves. Please see below our partners and projects.

August 2016

We created the most innovative system yet for browser push notifications (Noterium).

August 2016

We created our first IOS and Android applications.

Juny 2016

SoftArt became an iOS and Android developer

September 2015

Our ads already reach more than 10 million users in Germany.

January 2015

SoftArt became an official Google Partner.

May 2014

We created important partnerships with some of the biggest websites for architecture and design in Germany.

January 2012

We founded the software company SoftArt.

September 2011

The Arch Media team reached 30 employees.

May 2010

We reached 100 000 subscribers.

July 2009

We launched the first architecture website in Bulgaria.

May 2008

Creation of Arch Media Group