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Content marketing acquaints people with your brand and increases its credibility. Thus they trust you more easily.

Content marketing can lead to direct sales or direct contact with you.

The content attracts new customers – Keeping and reaching old customers is much easier than finding new ones.

Site traffic

Traffic may be the obvious benefit, but it's also one of the most important ones. Creating great content marketing strategy will bring people to your site, where they'll also find information about your company and your products/services.

SEO Optimization

  • What you get is high quality links from authoritative websites, which is a key factor in the Google rankings.
  • Articles, written by authoritative authors, specifically for your brand.
  • Increases the URL rank and the domain rank of your website.
  • Articles from relevant sites, with visitors interested in your branch.

Social Signals

  • Each article will be published in our social profiles that are followed by over 200 000 fans.
  • Social signals are also a SEO factor, and also contribute to the ultimate optimization of your page.